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LL-2 Film & Print Processor Kit

1999.00 USD

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This is a special order item. Expect a lead time of up to 4 weeks.

The LL-2-processor is designed for rotary processing of B&W and color films and papers in virtually all formats using JOBO 2500 and Expert tanks. There is no support for JOBO 1500 tanks.

Except for JOBO tanks and reels, this processor kit provides everything you need to process 35mm, 120/220, 4x5", 8x10", and 11x14" film or paper. To use with the processor, JOBO 2850 and 3063 print drums for 16x20" and 20x24" prints (or ultra large format films) will require the purchase of a LL-2B Large Tank Extension Kit. This extension kit is undergoing final development & testing; it is not for sale yet.

For color development, you will need a tempered water bath. We recommend you buy the CineStill TCS-1000 heater.


Please look at my portfolio. All photographs are from 35mm slides or 4x5" negatives developed with the processor.


Note: We use LEGO to obtain the highest possible manufacturing quality with low production volumes. This processor is limited to a total production of 200 units. The machines are virtually indestructible, long lasting, and easy to service. We offer lifetime repairs for peace of mind.

Given enough demand, we have plans to manufacture our own computer and motor unit to plug into the processor. Thanks to our modular design, processors can have their motors and computer units upgraded without replacing the entire device itself.

Key Advantages

  • Consistency & Reproducibility. We designed the processor to ensure your workflow remains constant regardless of chemical processes (B&W, C-41, E-6, etc.). This combined with the automatic agitation, temperature compensation, and programming allows you to easily produce high quality results again and again.
  • Integrated Timer. The patented process timer keeps track of the whole process. It manages agitation and alarms you when action needs to be taken (such as pouring chemicals). You have to do nothing else for any kind of process.
  • Programs and Profiles. The process timer is programmable; programs can be saved into profiles. Save your development process into a profile for repeated use. Load your times and settings from a profile; don't repeatedly enter times. You can save over 200 profiles with up to 20 processing steps each.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation. Consistently develop B&W films at differing temperatures with no hassle. Built-in temperature compensation automatically calcuates development times for developers at different temperatures. Simply input the working temperature when you start a process.
  • Adjustable Temperature Compensation. Temperature compensation can be adjusted from standard values to suit the characteristics of different developers. This gives the most accurate and flexible temperature compensation ever made for hard core, black and white aficionados. All adjustments can be saved into profiles.
  • Portablility. This is one of the most portable processors ever made. You could even stuff the processor in luggage when traveling through an airport; the Li-Ion battery would be placed in carry-on.
  • Reusable Case. Every processor comes with a tab-locking box and foam inserts akin to a carry case. Protect and carry your processor anywhere.
  • Runs on Batteries. The processor runs on rechargeable batteries (using the supplied Li-Ion or even 6x rechargeable AA) for use the whole day. The system will warn you when your battery level is too low to complete a full process. This also means portability and immunity from power outages, and the ability to run regardless of the difference in electrical outlet voltages for different countries.
  • Support for JOBO Expert Drums. For photographers who use a view camera, JOBO Expert drums give the most even development of large format films. Not every processor can rotate these Expert drums. The LL-2 can use Expert drums for 4x5" and 8x10" without any extensions.
  • Reasonable Motor Capacity. The capacity of chemicals the motors can rotate varies depending on the developing tank. Maximum volume of chemicals for non-Expert drums is 1250ml. JOBO Expert 3005 for 5× 5x7" to 8x10" can be rotated with at most 800ml. JOBO Expert 3006 and 3010 for 6× 4x5" to 5x7" and 10× 4x5" can be rotated with at most 475ml and 575ml. More details are in the ‘Chemical Volumes’ section of the operator's manual.
  • Smooth Auto Reversing. The internal smooth auto reversing motor control ensures no streak marks result when the rotation direction of the development tank changes abruptly.
  • Informative Manual. Included is a detailed, high quality manual describing the best way to use your processor for different processes (B&W, C-41, E-6, and RA-4). You may read it online here.
  • Accessories. We include everything you need to begin processing except JOBO tanks and reels. You get 4x 1L bottles with wide-mouth opening for storage and quick pouring of chemicals during processing. You can mix your chemicals directly in the bottles. You get 4x large bottles which store up to 8L (~ 2 gal) of rinse water in an 8x10" tray. You get a robust funnel which enables pouring of chemicals into JOBO tanks while they are rotating.


This processor kit includes: