LL-2 Film Processor

A film and print processor for Black & White and Color in virtually all formats: 35mm, 120/220, 4x5", 8x10", and Ultra Large Format (up to 20x24").

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Making consistent high quality film & print processing easy, accessible, and affordable.

The LL-2 processor gives a reasonably priced yet uncompromising solution for high quality rotation processing of virtually all film formats (35mm, 120/220, 4x5", 8x10", and ULF) plus prints (up to 20x24") with a wide variety of processes (B&W, C-41, E-6, RA-4, Pyro).

The processor is compatible with all JOBO 2500, 2800, and Expert drums.

We simplify quality processing.

Intended for use by fine art photographers, the LL-2 processor increases productivity by allowing quick and precise fine tuning of individual processes to suit the tastes of a specific individual.

This is achieved through the use of our patented process timer which allows the input of multiple step times and temperatures (for use with temperature compensation).

Once you enter your development times, you simply have to select START, pour in chemicals, wait for the alarm to sound, select STOP, pour out your chemicals, and then repeat.

This workflow applies for every type of process (e.g. B&W, E-6, C-41, RA-4, Pyro).

Custom processing becomes more procedural when the development workflow is the same, and maximum consistency is achieved.

This is precision film processing made simple and accessible.

Focus on your photography. Use the right tool to process your film.

Film processing is part of the physical process of producing your images using film.

There are many photographers who may require the processing of films their own way for their own image.

Preferred developers, development times, push and pull processing (which affects contrast and film speed), and more may be a crucial component of crafting your images.

Use the processor to tackle any processing consistently, no matter how custom, and produce your work to the highest quality.

35mm and 4x5" images developed with the processor are at the portfolio of Derek Lluisma, founder of MEKINER.
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